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Hamilton Books publishes a wide variety of high-quality nonfiction titles for scholarly and general interest audiences using an innovative model that combines the best features of self-publishing (quick decision making, a higher level of author control over the content, swift publication process) with the benefit of publishing with an established publishing house that will typeset, print, and market your book. Your book will be available for purchase on the Amazon and Barnes & Noble websites, as well as the rowman.com website, and most books are available as ebooks as well as in print (paperback or hardcover) form. Our books are printed on acid-free paper and have handsome full-color covers.

Scholarly Publishing with Hamilton Books
Scholars at all phases of their career, from junior faculty to established and emeritus professors, benefit from publishing with Hamilton Books. We publish custom textbooks for use in your classes (and for use by other scholars) as well as research-based monographs and professional titles in fields throughout the humanities and social sciences.

General Interest Publishing with Hamilton Books
Corporate leaders, politicians, war veterans, armchair historians, religious leaders, and many others have chosen to publish with Hamilton books for the opportunity to sign with a top-quality publisher without the typical hassles and extreme selectivity enforced by other publishers. Our subject areas include biography, memoir, history, self-help, religion/spirituality, and business.

Streamlined Decision-Making and Production
Hamilton reviews proposals and makes decisions within 3-4 weeks of receipt and publish new titles faster than most presses, usually 4-6 months after the author delivers a final manuscript and places the prepublication order.

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